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Mon, 4 May 2020
Opal, (the National Intelligence Unit for Serious Organised Acquisitive Crime) has issued a bulletin relating to livestock theft and illegal slaughter. Several police authorities have reported an increase in incidents and are asking for those working in farming communities to be vigilant and report any suspected cases.   West Mercia & Staffordshire say that have seen a rise in...
Fri, 24 April 2020
As well as BCVA, organisations across our profession have been working hard to help in these challenging times. Here is some of the information from us and from others that has come across the BCVA desk that we know you will want to be aware of:   A Response to BCVA’s Critical Business Request On 27 March BCVA wrote to key ministers urging the government to recognise farm veterinary...
Fri, 24 April 2020
BCVA has previously notified and advised members on the shortage of intramammary tubes for milking cows. The most recent updates are: Synulox LC and Tetra Delta are now expected back in stock between October and December Multiject and Albiotic May 2020 and Mastiplan LC in June of this year. These are subject to change. Non-CIA intramammary preparations still available for first line use and...
Mon, 20 April 2020
Our profession finds itself in especially challenges circumstances right now, and BCVA wants to remind members that there are some invaluable resources to support your mental health.   Vetlife provides a 24/7 phone and email helpline, professional mental health support, financial assistance, ...
Tue, 7 April 2020
Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) have informed the VMD of supply problems with certain lactating cow intramammary antibiotics, and today the VMD issued a new date for the availability of Albiotic 330mg/100mg Intramammary Solution. Find out more here

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