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The QuarterPRO Udder Health Initiative is an accessible approach to monitoring, understanding and improving udder health, with the aim of helping dairy farmers achieve continuous improvement in mastitis control and udder health (see https://ahdb.org.uk/quarterpro).

The scheme is based on research carried out by the University of Nottingham and QMMS Ltd, and was launched by AHDB in Spring 2020.

Farmers are encouraged to work with their veterinary advisers quarterly to analyse mastitis records and Predict patterns of infection, React using pattern-specific resources available from https://ahdb.org.uk/quarterpro, and Optimise ongoing mastitis control through quarterly review. Although progressive farmers will be able to work through this approach themselves, much benefit will be gained from farmer and vet/adviser working together. Within the framework of QuarterPRO, advisors may wish to direct farmers to the detailed Mastitis Control Plan https://www.mastitiscontrolplan.co.uk/, for a more detailed and structured approach to the development of farm-specific recommendations. This would be carried out by a trained Plan Deliverer.

An online training course has been set up for vets and advisers who wish to become registered as accredited QuarterPRO advisers.

NB DMCP Mastitis Control Plan Deliverers who have qualified or subscribed in the past five years (presently 2018 onwards) are entitled to automatic registration as QuarterPRO advisers. Contact [email protected] if you wish to set this up.

The course consists of four modules which are made available as recorded presentations, each with a related set of multiple choice questions, plus a final session involving questions based on example Mastitis Pattern Reports that are provided. Successful completion of all the questions will trigger registration with BCVA as an accredited QuarterPRO adviser.

Registration for the course costs £10 for BCVA members and £55 for non-members.

QuarterPRO is designed as an “entry level” approach to mastitis control, for frequent use. For more detailed investigations the Mastitis Control Plan https://www.mastitiscontrolplan.co.uk/ is recommended.

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