About BCVA

BCVA Vision, Mission, Values statements

Vision - why we are here

We wish to see a central role for the vet to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of cattle and safety of our food within sustainable beef and dairy industries.

Mission - what we do

  • We represent the views of members in the wider livestock industry
  • We provide and signpost CPD for cattle vets and promote lifelong learning
  • We promote cattle wellbeing (health and welfare)
  • We provide a community for cattle vets in the UK to belong and share ideas and knowledge      


BCVA Board – who we are

Since 1967, the British Cattle Veterinary Association has been providing cattle vets with vital, specialist representation, cattle specific CPD, invaluable resources and an environment to share clinical experiences. We are committed to ensuring the widest possible representation within our Board and aim to be an association that welcomes the contributions of people with a variety of skills, backgrounds and experiences. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about being a Board member please email [email protected].


Values - the guidelines we use to make our decisions and carry out our function    

Value Guidelines
Leadership We anticipate change; we listen to and represent views of our members; we look for long term opportunities and we aim to take critical decisions quickly
Animal wellbeing The interests of cattle health and welfare remain foremost in our minds
Good governance What we do must be in the members’ interests; be a reasonable use of members’ funds; provide value for money; be ethical and fair; and not be better or more appropriately done by someone else
Science We take an evidence based approach to our decisions and promote evidence based CPD
Communication We communicate our messages clearly to members and the appropriate audience. We strive to develop honest and strong 2-way communication with members and relevant organisations.
Fun BCVA is a community. It should be fun too!