Mobility Scoring Refresher Training

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Mobility scoring has become widely adopted for quantifying lameness and screening herds for new lame cows. A register of mobility scorers ( ) has been formed which provides the dairy industry with a list of trained and tested (calibrated) scorers from a range of professions, including cattle vets, trimmers, technicians, nutritionists, breeding technicians, consultants and other advisors.

Some scorers have allowed their registration to lapse and so RoMS have put together a 60-minute refresher presentation and quiz so trained registrants can re-join the register. PLEASE NOTE: if you have not previously attended RoMS approved training this training is not suitable for you to become a RoMS member – please contact RoMS ([email protected]) for more information about what is required to become a RoMS member.

Learning outcomes for 60-minute refresher workshop:

  1. Identify the problems associated with delayed detection
  2. Identify all the early signs of lameness and rank their reliability
  3. Identify and evaluate reasons why we get true and apparent false positives on lameness scoring
  4. Clearer standardisation thresholds for observable signs of lameness
  5. Greater scoring confidence with some guided scoring discussions and practice

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