BCVA Accredited Foot Health Trainer

Lantra Hoof Trimming Courses

BCVA has joined forces with the Cattle Hoof Care Standards Board (CHCSB) to develop a series of Lantra-approved training courses on lame cow treatment and hoof trimming. Aimed predominantly at farmers and their staff, these courses will be delivered by a BCVA Accredited Foot Health Trainer in conjunction with a CHCSB Accredited Instructor.

The press release about this exciting collaboration can be read here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the Lantra-approved training courses consist of?

There are two courses; First Aid for Feet and Intermediate Hoof Trimming.

First Aid for Feet is aimed at beginners and will be delivered over at least 1 day, focusing on cadaver limb trimming and blocking. Intermediate Hoof Trimming will be aimed at the more experienced on-farm trimmers and will be delivered over at least 3 days to develop the theory and practice of the Five Step Method.

Both courses will conclude with a formal assessment of competency, knowledge and understanding. Those that achieve the required level of competency will be issued with a Lantra Accredited Certificate of Competency.

Who will deliver the Lantra-approved courses?

The courses will be delivered by a BCVA Accredited Foot Health Trainer in conjunction with a CHCSB Accredited Instructor.

How do I become a BCVA Accredited Foot Health Trainer?

To be eligible to become a BCVA Accredited Hoot Health Trainer, vets will need to be a Mobility Mentor and attend the instructor training.

I have been teaching hoof trimming courses previously – do I get grandfather rights?

As the instructor training is specific to the delivery of these Lantra-approved courses there are no grandfather rights. The Lantra courses can only be delivered by those that have attended the instructor training to understand fully what is expected and the detailed policies to be followed. However, it does not stop vets and practices continuing their own training but that would not be eligible for this competency qualification which we hope becomes the industry norm.

How do I become a CHCSB Accredited Instructor?

The CHCSB is overseeing the accreditation of hoof trimmers with trimmers needing to hold a RQF recognised hoof trimming qualification (i.e. NPTC Level 3 or RAU level 4), be a Fully Audited CHCSB Member, hold the Lantra Train the Trainer certificate and also hold an up-to-date First Aid at work certificate. They will also attend the Instructor Training and need to have indemnity and public liability insurance. For more information on becoming a CHCSB Accredited Instructor contact the CHCSB on [email protected]

What does the Instructor Training involve?

This consists of a one-day practical workshop which discusses the delivery of the First Aid for Feet and Intermediate Hoof Trimming courses. Instructors will be provided with all of the course materials required for delivery of the Lantra courses and have the opportunity to practice their trimming skills and undertake competency assessments. The training will be held jointly for both Hoof Trimmers and vets to assist in building delivery partnerships and developing working relationships. The instructor training courses will be held on approximately twice a year so to register your interest in attending email the office on [email protected].

Who will organise the Lantra courses?

The Lantra-approved courses will not be organised by BCVA or the CHCSB but by the individual veterinary practice or organisation that wishes to deliver them.

I am a BCVA Accredited Foot health trainer and want to run a course – how do I contact a CHCSB Approved Instructor?

The CHCSB will hold a list of approved instructors on their website with their contact details, where they are located geographically and over what area they are able to assist in the delivery of courses. The instructor training will be attended by both hoof trimmers and vets to assist in building delivery teams.