BVDFree England

bvdlogoBVDFree take you through the tissue tagging process on farm.

Below is a map of vets that have completed the BVDV and BVDFree England scheme training, which you can register for here.

You can download the 'BVDFree England' poster by clicking the link below

I'm backing BVDFree .pdf

Downloadable Laboratory Submission Forms

The registration forms are downloadable as a PDF or Word document below

PDF - BVDFree England Registration Form vLG.pdf

Word - BVDFree England Registration Form vLG.docx

Test Negative Herd Status application form

BVDFree Test Negative Herd Status Application 2018.pdf

If you would like to produce your own posters and banners you can download and use the artwork below

A1 Poster - BVD_free_A1_posters_output.pdf

Banner - BVD_free_banner_(1500x1000)_output.pdf

Pull up banner - BVD_free_pull-ups_output.pdf

Click on the link below for some FAQ's on BVD and the BVDFree England Scheme