Representation and Education

Day One Skills List

The BCVA wishes to ensure that undergraduates are well prepared when starting their first job, to ensure both competence and confidence. The SPVS ‘Your First Job’ final year seminar shows that on average the percentage of final year students who have trimmed a bovine foot is 47%, assisted with a caesarean is 64%, and collected blood is 83%.
BCVA has therefore developed a list of day one skills as either essential or desirable requirements. This is to enable students who wish to develop a career in cattle practice to have guidance when seeing practice. Click on the link below to view this list.
The aim in devising this list is to help undergraduates identify and then attain the skills expected by employers while on EMS. If there are gaps in experience gained during EMS, then students can read up, or look to target these areas. This way EMS should become a more active process of education.

Day 1 SKILLS List.pdf

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