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VMD address antibiotic availability

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has provided important information relating to the availability of lactating cow intramammary antibiotics, following reports from Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) and requests for clarification from the British Cattle Veterinary Association.

Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) have informed the VMD of supply problems with the following lactating cow intramammary antibiotics.


Anticipated Resolution Date

(subject to change)

Synulox Lactating Cow Intramammary Suspension (42058/4143) Further information

To be confirmed

Tetra-Delta Intramammary Suspension (42058/4152)

February/March 2020

Ubro Yellow Milking Cow Intramammary Suspension (08327/4305)

Product discontinued – no return date

Multiject IMM Intramammary Suspension (02000/4062)

May 2020

Albiotic 330mg/100mg Intramammary Solution (30282/4035)

End of February 2020

Mastiplan LC, 300mg/20mg Intramammary Suspension (01708/4534)

End of June 2020

Cobactan MC Intramammary Suspension for Lactating Cows (42810/4000)*

End of June 2020


The following lactating cow intramammary products have been reported as available for veterinary surgeons to purchase:


Contact Details

Ubrolexin Intramammary Suspension for Lactating Dairy Cows (08327/4306)

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd 01344 746957 or [email protected]

Procapen Injector 3g intramammary suspension for cattle (24745/4023)

FORTE Healthcare Limited +353 1 841 7666 or [email protected]

Orbenin L.A. 200mg Intramammary Suspension (42058/4090)

Zoetis UK Limited 0845 300 8034 or [email protected]

Pathocef 250mg Intramammary Suspension (42058/4094)*

Zoetis UK Limited 0845 300 8034 or [email protected]

Note: *These are defined as a Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics for human medicine and, under the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme for beef and dairy, should be used as a last resort and supported by sensitivity and/or diagnostic testing.

For further details of the supply situation for individual UK-authorised products, please contact the MAH or a wholesale dealer.

During this time, the VMD acknowledges that the availability of veterinary medicines must be balanced with the protection of animal health, human health and the environment.

The VMD supports and encourages the responsible use of antibiotics. This however, requires veterinary surgeons to take into consideration, not only the most appropriate active substance(s) but also the most appropriate formulation, the posology, the current pattern of resistance in their locality, an awareness of how to reduce selection pressure (considering MICs and clinical breakpoints when available) and adjunctive requirements (such as good biosecurity and husbandry/hygiene, avoiding surgical sepsis etc). If a veterinary surgeon can demonstrate that these steps have been taken, then cascade use of antibiotics may be considered. Antibiotics should not be used to compensate for poor hygiene or inadequate husbandry and biosecurity measures.

Therefore, if veterinary surgeons deem the available products (listed above) unsuitable for their clinical need, and identify and wish to use an alternative product authorised outside of the UK to cover their immediate needs, an import certificate application may be submitted to the VMD.

Applications should only be submitted after attempts to obtain suitable UK authorised veterinary products have been unsuccessful, and each application will be assessed on its individual merits and justification. Cost nor convenience are considered suitable justification for use of the cascade. Veterinary surgeons are also reminded to consider the likely quantities needed and purchase appropriately.

For additional resources and information on responsible use of antibiotics, please visit GOV.UK.

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