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Social Distancing in Pictures

We all now know how important the 2-metre rule is, and BCVA has been illustrating this with the description that the desired gap is about the size of a cow. But what does that really look like on farm in practical terms, and how have you been making that work in reality? 

We asked members to send in pictures where vets and farmers are working together to help each other stay safe – some of the ideas have been ingenious, and it has been encouraging to see how well our colleagues are coping with the current restrictions. 

If you have pictures of yourself and your farm colleagues successfully social distancing, please do send them to [email protected] as we’re building a library to help show what it possible to do on farm at this challenging time.  


Don’t cross the line, sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones - sent by Rachel Hayton.  


Ratchet restraint – sent by Shropshire Farm Vets, who point out that the trusty ratchet strap proves a useful tool in restraint whilst maintaining social distancing during surgery.  


Social distance celebration – Drove Farm Vets enjoy a clear TB test whilst social distancing in full PPE.  


Sheep work needs social distancing too! As demonstrated thanks to Jenny Hull of Black Sheep Farm Health LLP. 



Meadows Farm Vets demonstrating a successful socially distanced Caesar.  


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