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Get On Board The BCVA Team

BCVA members will have seen a raft of emails, social media posts and website content in recent months. The association is grateful for the positive feedback it has received so far. All this has been created by various members of our volunteer Board – people from a variety of backgrounds, working in all aspects of our profession. Their contribution is invaluable, and in the coming months we are opening-up nominations to join the team.  

In June we will be inviting nominations from our membership to join the BCVA Board. You can nominate yourself – the process is simple and does not take long.  

Being a member of the BCVA Board gives you the opportunity to influence your profession, share your knowledge, develop new skills and broaden your network. Our Board members are supported by a small staff, and all the volunteers receive appropriate expenses. It is important that we have the most diverse team possible. It does not matter how long you have been qualified or what part of the profession you work in.  

Please get in touch if you want an informal chat about what being a BCVA Board member means. You can email Dee Little who looks after the Board – [email protected] and if you want to talk to a Board member that can be arranged.  

“It’s the mix of people on the Board that I am always impressed by – it gives me confidence that having people in practice, industry and academia on the team means we are well-placed to represent the profession. There’s so much experience and variety of expertise that it means the workload is shared amongst us all.” Elizabeth Berry, Junior Vice President 

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