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Emergency Slaughter - Important Information From FSA

There have been some recent changes to the rules and regulations surrounding emergency slaughter on farm. This was brought about by a review of the policy by the Food Standards Agency since the end of last year.  

These changes impact on how these are done and who carries out emergency slaughter on farm. It will also influence how we use the BCVA emergency slaughter triplicate pads. 

One of the key changes involves the certification of fractious animals on farm. These cattle have been eligible for emergency slaughter on farm, due to health and safety issues surrounding their loading and transport to an abattoir. These animals are STILL eligible for emergency slaughter, but they are no longer eligible for certification on the BCVA or any other standard slaughter certificate. Instead, they must be certified on a separate certificate which can also be used for farmed game. 

Furthermore, for vets to be eligible for the certification of fractious animal and farmed game slaughter on farm, they need to be approved by the FSA. Becoming an FSA approved vet, is a simple online process that can be done quickly, and a certificate can be produced to prove your future eligibility. 

 In order to becomes an FSA approved vet follow these steps:

1) Email [email protected] indicating your request to become an FSA approved vet, and they will email you an application form 

2) When you complete this form and return it, you will be sent a copy of the FSA guidance on the role of approved veterinarians and a set of multiple-choice questions to complete 

3) Send the completed questions back to [email protected] and if you have answered sufficient  questions correctly, then you will be emailed a certificate and added to the FSA list of approved veterinarians. 

Please note that BCVA is in the process of updating our emergency slaughter pads and booklets to reflect these recent changes. In the meantime, please continue to use them as normal for any emergency slaughter other than fractious animal or farmed game. 

The FSA has also informed us that they are likely to implement further changes surrounding the rules of emergency slaughter certification. One of the key new regulations will be to ensure that all vets who are certifying any emergency slaughter on farm and undertaking ante mortem inspection outside of the abattoir, must be a registered OV and carry the Essential Skills (OCQ(V)-ES) module on Improve International. We will keep you informed of any new changes as they happen, but for now, any vet holding an MRCVS can issue emergency slaughter certificates as before. So, for any future emergency on farm slaughter, all we need to remember is:

  • Am I correctly certified with the FSA for on farm slaughter of fractious animals or farmed game?
  • Am I completing the correct form to send with the carcass?


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