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Drugs Availability Notice

BCVA has previously notified and advised members on the shortage of intramammary tubes for milking cows. The most recent updates are:

  • Synulox LC and Tetra Delta are now expected back in stock between October and December
  • Multiject and Albiotic May 2020 and Mastiplan LC in June of this year. These are subject to change.
  • Non-CIA intramammary preparations still available for first line use and purchase include Ubropen, Ubrolexin, Procapen and Orbenin LA. 

See the full information on the VMD website.

We have also been made aware that Foston 20%w/v solution for injection has been recalled from distributors, as data no longer meets the EU requirements for food producing animals. It does not affect any product that is on veterinary practice shelves but may affect ongoing supply.  

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