Mobility Mentor Training - Part Two: Feedback and Facilitation

Who can become a Mobility Mentor?

This course is open to anyone, however, only the following are able to become Mobility Mentors:

  • Qualified vets with at least 12 months relevant experience
  • CHCSB fully audited foot trimmers or Licenced NACFT trimmers (former Category 1)
  • Farm consultants/advisers who have attended the Royal Agricultural University Level 4 course on Bovine lameness and professional cattle foot trimming

The Mobility Mentor training is designed to build upon a pre-existing sound and up-to-date knowledge about the lesions and aetiology of lameness. Therefore, we ask that before enrolling on Part One of the Mobility Mentor Training Programme delegates will have previously attended one of the following courses:

  • BCVA Practical Lameness Solutions online course
  • BCVA Advanced Lameness CPD course
  • The Liverpool University CertAVP Module
  • The 3 day Blowey/Bell Lameness Course
  • ECBHM Lameness Module
  • RAU Level 4 Bovine Lameness and Cattle Foot Trimming Course

There is also the option to attend a two day ‘Extended Part One’ which is held face-to-face as an alternative to attending one of the above courses.

Mobility Mentors must also be accredited with the Register of Mobility Mentors (RoMS) prior to being eligible to completing Part Two of the Mobility Mentor Training Programme.


Mobility Mentor Training Programme

Mobility Mentor training consists of two separate parts which both must be undertaken in order to become a fully trained Mobility Mentor and be able to deliver the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme.

  • PART ONE: Delivering the Healthy Feet Programme This one-day workshop will usually be delivered as an online workshop and cover all aspects of the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme (HFP) and HFLite. Delegates will learn how to deliver the programme, familiarise themselves with the available HFP resources and learn about the provenance of the programme and the importance of facilitation and mobility scoring.
  • PART TWO: Feedback & Facilitation This will be a one-day, in-person, practical workshop to develop delegates’ facilitation skills and enable them to facilitate farm team meetings and the development of their Mobility Contract, and then how to follow this up with the farm team to ensure its successful implementation.

Please note that prior to attending Part Two of the training you must be RoMS accredited and also have completed a Healthy Feet Programme or Healthy Feet Lite. You will present a case study and feedback on this will form part of the day.

Mobility Mentor Training - Part Two: Feedback and Facilitation


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