Other Webinars

AHDB Webinar - November 2023

How does your farm stack up? - 23rd November 2023

QuarterPRO Webinar - June 2022

An Introduction to the New Automated Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool - 21st June 2022

AHDB Webinar - January 2022

Heifer replacement strategies: cost reduction in the UK suckler herd - 27th January 2022


CHCSB Week of Webinars - October 2021

CHCSB Webinar - 22nd October 2021

1. A Strategic Update From The Dairy Cattle Mobility Steering Group by Martin Green

2. Vet And Hoof Trimmer Communication: Moving Beyond Arguing About Techniques by Gerard Cramer

3. DISCUSSION PANEL: Strategic Steps Ahead...


CHCSB Webinar - 21st October 2021

The Targeted use of NSAIDs to reduce lameness: Setting out heifers up to succeed by James Wilson


CHCSB Webinar - 20th October 2021

New Research Findings On Lameness Genetics And Automatic Lameness Detection with George Oikonomou


CHCSB Webinar - 19th October 2021

What Lies Beneath: Can We Really Predict Sole Depth? by Sara Pedersen