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What Covid ‘Firebreak’ in Wales Means for Vets

A fortnight long ‘firebreak’ tactic to combat Coronavirus will be introduced in Wales from 6pm on Friday 23 October and end at midnight on Sunday 8 November. During this time, it is expected that veterinary practices can continue to operate during the Firebreak period, but for essential and urgent work only. As much non-urgent veterinary work as possible should be postponed.

The purpose of the Firebreak is to prevent non-essential travel and mixing of people or groups of people.

BCVA has received the following information;

  • Veterinary practices should use their professional judgement to determine what cases and procedures are urgent, bearing in mind the short duration of the Firebreak lockdown.
  • As highly regarded health professionals, vets also have an important role to play in setting a good example to the public and being exemplars of best practice of infection control.
  • APHA and Official Veterinarians are not being instructed to postpone testing for bovine tuberculosis.
  • The need to protect against diseases that threaten animal and public health continues through the Firebreak period.
  • Further information is available on the Welsh Government Website:

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