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Respiratory Disease Webinar

At 8pm on Tuesday 7th July Colin Mason will explore what has become an increasing clinical disease issue in recent years with his BCVA webinar, ‘Respiratory disease in adult dairy cows, where infectious diseases mix with management factors.’

About the speaker

Colin Mason is a Veterinary Investigation Officer based in Dumfries.  His work there involves disease investigation and diagnostics for the livestock farmers in SW Scotland and NW England.  Prior to that he worked in farm animal practice in Cheshire. He is also a BCVA Board member.

About the Webinar

This webinar will consider a range of infectious diseases that are implicated in this disease syndrome, how common they might be in relation to control and how management factors may influence the clinical outcome.

You will gain a better understanding of the clinical significance of respiratory disease in adult dairy cows, be able to consider the full range of infectious diseases that might play a role, and develop your own strategies for disease management and prevention.

This is free for BCVA members via Webinar Vet and will be available in the webinar library shortly after the live presentation.


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