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BCVA asks MPs to act now on Agriculture Bill

As the Agriculture Bill returns to the House of Commons on Monday 12th October, BCVA has written to its members urging a collective call on MPs to support the amendments included by the House of Lords.

In August BCVA wrote to the House of Lords urging them to review the Agriculture Bill in favour of amendments to ensure animal welfare standards and food safety. So we welcomed the news last month that their votes led to a crucial clause that imposes an important requirement for agricultural and food imports coming into the UK must meet our own domestic standards. This now returns to the Commons on Monday 12th October, and we are calling on the government to accept this important amendment.

In May of this year, when the Agricultural bill was passing through Parliament, MP’s took a vote to as to whether the Bill should contain amendments to protect the UK from food imports produced a lower standard. Amazingly, this amendment was defeated by 328 to 277 votes, which meant that many of our MP’s voted against protecting UK farming, our food security and high welfare standards.

On Monday 12th October the Bill is being passed back to the House of Commons, so it is essential that we lobby those MP’s to vote in favour of these amendments, in what is the most important piece of farming legislation to come before Parliament in decades. You can now add your voice, as we call on the Government to honour its own manifesto commitment to maintain and improve vital animal welfare standards.

We have created a template email so that members can write to and lobby their own MPs, asking them to stand with us and to demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and British farming.



Despite recent reports that the UK government is not intending to accept any amendments to the Agriculture Bill when it returns to the House of Commons on Monday, it is still hoped that pressure from MPs across the house will help introduce these crucial safeguards to future trade deals.

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