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Course Outline

Mobility scoring can seem subjective, but with training, repeatability between colleagues can be markedly improved (Engel et al., 2003). This course runs through basis of the AHDB mobility score, with guidance on the interpretation aimed at achieving the highest rigour of scoring. The following topics are covered:

  • The various application of mobility scoring
  • Questions to ask when deciding if a cow meets the threshold for each score
  • Feedback on your own detection sensitivity
  • The results of 5 major pieces of mobility score research conducted by the instructor since 2007 which will improve the understanding of how to optimally apply mobility scoring
  • Practicalities of implementing a professional mobility scoring service

The aim of the workshop is to improve the consistency of individual scorers and provide an overview of the science underpinning scoring. The workshop uses interactive voting so delegates can build their confidence in a safe and supportive setting.

The AHDB Healthy Feet Programme was first launched in 2011. It followed extensive research at Bristol University (The Healthy Feet Project) in how to successfully help farmers reduce their lameness. The HFP is delivered by Mobility Mentors who are specially trained in herd lameness control and advisory skills.

Since then, AHDB-funded research has further enhanced our understanding of lameness reduction. The HFP has also been extensively “road tested”, demonstrating that it works.

Now entering its second phase, a refreshed HFP offers better tools, clearer materials and new Mobility Mentor training.



24th Feb 2020 - 24th Feb 2020
Coleg Gwent, Pontypool & Usk Campus,

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