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BCVA Foundation Course 2021 - Online Workshops

A series of 6 online interactive workshops - Held monthly from March to August

Who? This course is aimed at new or recent graduates and those returning to cattle practice.

What? Topics include lameness, diagnostics, beef management, mastitis, infectious diseases and youngstock. This course consists of 6 modules and each module is run over one day. Modules can be booked individually or as a full course and if more than one module is booked it is not compulsory that the same delegate attends all.
Each of the six sessions will be limited to a maximum of 10 delegates, to ensure plenty of opportunity for interaction. No question should be left unanswered and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss particular questions or topics with both the tutors and other delegates.

When? The courses will run on the first Wednesday of each month from March to August (except in April which will be held in the second week due to Easter).

Where? The courses will be run online via the Zoom platform and will involve polls, breakout sessions for group exercises and lots of facilitated discussion.

Why? Learn about and improve your knowledge of clinical topics alongside picking up tips on communication and interpersonal skills. The focus is on ‘approaches to’ common problems encountered in practice to give you greater self-confidence in tackling these alongside your clients.


Mastitis - 3rd March - James Breen FULL

Infectious Diseases - 14th April - Colin Mason FULL

Diagnostics - 5th May - David Harwood 

Youngstock - 2nd June - Kat Hart

Lameness - 7th July - Owen Atkinson

Beef - 4th August - Joe Henry FULL

5th May 2021 - 1st Jan 1970
Online workshops

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