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Advanced Practitioner Course - Infectious Diseases

Key learning outcomes are:

  • Apply in-depth knowledge of the aetiology, pathology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and control of common and emerging diseases affecting beef and dairy cattle in the UK.
  • Understand the legislation relating to the control of infectious disease in cattle in the UK.
  • Understand the common control schemes for accreditation of infectious disease status.
  • Devise and implement a control scheme for infectious disease specific to the needs of a given herd.


During this one and a half day course the principles of common and emerging infectious diseases of cattle will be covered, including:

  • Epidemiology, recognition, treatment, prevention and control of the common and emerging diseases including, IBR, BVD, Neospora, Johne’s disease and TB.
  • The different laboratory tests available and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • The principles of health schemes available to accredit and monitor for the presence of infectious diseases.
  • On farm assessment of disease status and practical strategies for assessing infectious disease status and control.


Course tutors

  • George Caldow
  • Richard Booth
  • Keith Cutler
12th Jun 2019 - 13th Jun 2019
BCVA Office
17 The Glenmore Centre
Gl2 2AP

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